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Seatbelt Psychic

Follows a medium as he gives readings to his ride-share passengers.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Thomas John

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Seatbelt Psychic
"Psychic Medium Thomas John sheds light on a father\u2019s last heroic act, relays life lessons from a deceased mobster, challenges the beliefs of a staunch skeptic, and unearths answers to console a grieving brother."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John reunites a grieving widow with her beloved husband, delivers business advice from an eccentric, obtains closure from a disapproving military man, and takes a tearful dad on a ride with his son."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John heals guilt over a shocking suicide, provides insight into a tragic murder, gives guidance to a haunted woman, and relives a father\u2019s memories of 9\/11."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John mends old family rifts, converts a dubious Pastor, heals a decades-old wound, and soothes a young woman\u2019s aching heart."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John reveals the power of childhood memories, inspires an artist to follow her dreams, unveils a murder victim\u2019s guiding light, and reminds a bereaved mother that we are never truly alone."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John sends a message from a dearest dog, alleviates remorse over an AIDS-related death, demonstrates that a father\u2019s always been there, and reveals a posthumous act of heroism."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John delivers an apology from a drug-dealing pimp, shares pride for a reformed alcoholic, stuns a rider with newfound acceptance, and reveals a bully\u2019s final atoning gift."
"Psychic Medium Thomas John proves the power of a mother\u2019s love, answers a lingering question that has haunted a widow, provides hope to a struggling son, and demonstrates a spirit\u2019s limitless ability."